Art in Malaga


A visit (with audio guides) of the Picasso Museum to explore the artist's life and this extraordinary collection. Visit an old bodega or tavern in the heart of the Old Town for an 'aperitivo'. Familiarise yourselves with Old Town Malaga and see for yourselves why this city has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Wash down delicious platters of fresh fish and seafood with local Malaga wines (lunch not included but the reservations will be taken care of at the best venues in town)

We are dubbing it the Picasso Effect – Malaga’s most famous son (apart from Antonio Banderas, of course) is still creating a buzz in his hometown, and you will experience the charm of this seaside city up-close and personal. As well as the Picasso Museum, you will see Roman and Phoenician ruins that attest to Malaga’s ancient past. In a stark juxtaposition, these mementoes of antiquity sit alongside the Moorish fortress, flanked by hip cafes and bars. Malaga certainly has a very strong beating pulse.

You will stroll through the elegant Old Town with its plethora of shops, bars and restaurants and, nearby, a brand new marina. You will sip a Sherry in one of its more longstanding taverns and then sit down to a delicious lunch (price not included). Quite a day to remember!

Departs from Marbella at 9am returning around 5pm.

Prices from €128 per person for a group of 4 people. Seasonal variations can affect price and availability.


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