The Soul of Cordoba


The appeal of this UNESCO Heritage site is universal, but it's after dark when it really comes into its own. Enjoy a special nighttime visit of the Mezquita with a magical light and sound display. Visit the old Jewish Quarter and enjoy evening tapas in the centre of the city (not included). Stroll some of the hidden gems of this jewel of a city and contemplate its brilliant past. See some of the Patios that Cordoba is famous for, with their incredible flower pot decorations.

Our Cordoba tours take you back in time, to reveal the customs, traditions and lifestyle of the “The City of the Three Religions” where Islam, Christianity and Judaism co-existed in harmony and peace. We take you to Cordoba in the evening, because once the sun starts to set, the secrets of these traditions are easier to appreciate as the city takes on a quieter and more intimate atmosphere.

A stroll through the Old Jewish Quarter will take us past the ancient synagogue, one of only two that remain in Andalucia. We will see a sublimely intimate Christian chapel built in the Moorish style and then take a drink on the rooftop of an exclusive hotel to contemplate the view over the former Great Mosque, or Mezquita, now the Catholic Cathedral.

After a delicious local dinner (price not included), your highlight will be an impressive night visit to the Mezquita. This stunning display of sound and light effects brings to life the sheer scale and glorious architecture of this unique building. A stroll across the restored Roman Bridge takes us back to our waiting bus for the relaxing journey home.

Departing after lunch to allow you a relaxing morning at your accommodation, we take the 2.5 hour drive through the olive groves of the province of Cordoba and arrive just as the large tour groups are leaving. Departs at 14.30, returning around 01.00.

Prices from €145 per person for a group of 4 guests


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